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"Bens Artworks is the premier foam sculptor in the Puget Sound area. His talent and craft are on the scale of Disney and Universal Studios. Weather you need an AMAZING carved pumpkin for a party, or a life sized Pink Skeleton Unicorn, Bens Imagination, Creativity and Value is unsurpassed."

Alec Puskas
I worked with Ben this past summer on a small project for Seafair. 
Thanks to Ben, he ingeniously devised a plan to create what we wanted within our very modest budget, yet delivered a very fun piece of décor that we used for the 2014 Torchlight Parade.
We’re not sure what to do with our giant tiara in the future, but it was just too darned charming to get rid of so we'll think of something. I look forward to working with Ben again and recommend him highly to others. He is a talented, versatile and very thoughtful designer.

Sherry Fadely, Event Producer
“We’re huge fans of Ben and even bigger fans of his work.  We throw impossible ideas at him and he brings them to life for us, bigger and better than our original vision.  Ben is very aware of the operational environment, and not only do his projects look great, they maintain that quality over an extended period of time.”

Ron Sevart President and CEO
"We asked Ben to design a larger-than-life gargoyle for our horror film festival in Telluride, Colorado.  Not only did Ben design the incredible look of the gargoyle, he came up with an ingenious mounting system so the gargoyle could sit perched on the edge of the roof of our theater.  From the art to the practicality, Ben has the talent to cover it all."

Ted Wilson
"Ben and I have worked on many projects throughout the years, both for Six Flags Theme Parks and my own food service company.  Ben is an absolute talent, who has an incredible eye for detail.  Ben is very creative and understands deadlines!"

Lenny Freund